Omega Replica Watches Maintenance

Omega is an internationally renowned watchmaking company and brand with the English name omega, which stands for the symbol “Ω”. Founded in 1848 by Louis Brant, it has a long history of more than 150 years.

Omega (W) is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek. It symbolizes the beginning and the end of things, first and last. It represents the extraordinary quality of “perfect, ultimate, excellence, achievement”, and interprets Omega’s business philosophy of “excellent quality” and the spirit of “advocating tradition and being brave in innovation”.

Reminds you to take care of your favorite watch and let it accompany you all the time. Let’s take a look at how the Omega watch should be maintained.

One. Watch maintenance tips (general):

1. Please do not bring the watch and magnetic objects close to each other;

2. In case of water ingress (with air), it should be sent to the maintenance point for cleaning immediately to avoid corrosion of the movement;

3. If the back of the watch is provided with protective sheets or stickers, please remove them before use, otherwise the sweat will penetrate into the backing paper, causing the back of the watch to rust;

4. Do not touch the watch with various solvents and various chemicals, otherwise the watch case and the like will be discolored and rusted due to erosion;

5. The watch (only for quartz watch) can operate stably and accurately in the range of 5 °C ~ 35 °C at normal temperature. If the temperature exceeds 50 °C, the battery will leak or shorten the battery life. Do not leave the watch in a low temperature -10 °C environment for a long time, because the cold air will cause the time to slow down or go faster. When the watch returns to normal temperature, the operation returns to normal;

6. According to the waterproof performance, the watch can be divided into diving watch, waterproof watch and non-waterproof watch. The waterproof of the watch relies on the waterproof rubber ring of the watch glass, the back cover, the crown and the like to reach the corresponding standard and is divided into different levels:

  • (1) SWEAT-RESISTANT: It is very easy to understand, just to prevent sweat from running into the watch;
  • (2) WATER-RESISTANT: It is okay to occasionally touch the water. For example, if you water the flowers and accidentally spray it on your hands, don’t be nervous, pick it up and wipe it clean. No problem. In short, it is to prevent it. Occasional small splashes in life;
  • (3) 30 meters waterproof: watch with “30M” on the watch, this is the waterproof watch, can be used for daily grooming or rain, but mainly to prevent the movement from being damaged by dust and moisture. 30 meters waterproof, professional The explanation of the person is that the area per square centimeter can withstand a pressure of 3 kilograms, which is equivalent to a pressure of 30 meters in the static state, which is equivalent to the pressure of 3 atmospheres. For our ordinary consumers, we only need to remember 30m. It is the most basic primary in the waterproof watch;
  • (4) 50m waterproof: The watch with the word “50M” on the watch, that is, the 50m waterproof watch, is a waterproof watch that is really meaning in the mind of consumers. It can be used for swimming and general housekeeping waterproof watches. Remember not to adjust the crown in the water;
  • (5) Diving watch (100m waterproof, 200m waterproof, 300m waterproof, etc.): It is a professional waterproof watch that can be used for underwater work such as swimming and diving.

two. Mechanical watch maintenance

The most common condition of mechanical watch repair is nothing more than water ingress and collision.

Unless the mechanical watch is waterproof, it is necessary to avoid the water in the case, because the water will cause mechanical corrosion and strong destructive power.

The sea is hard to touch. Even if it is marked with a waterproof watch, it can only be protected for one year. Because the waterproof ring of the watch has been worn out for a whole year, plus various inevitable external factors such as sweat and dust, it will be tired, so after one year. A new waterproof ring must be replaced, otherwise it will not have a waterproof function.

In addition to waterproof, it is more important to prevent collision. Under the scope of economic ability, two or three watches may be replaced in daily life: mechanical watches are used for static activities, and sports replica watches are used for sports. When used in accordance with local conditions, it helps to extend the service life of the watch.

The mechanical watch is driven by the mechanical gear and the spring. It is inevitable that the rotation will cause friction. Therefore, it is necessary to refuel and lubricate for a long time to reduce the wear rate of the parts. Otherwise, when the problem is solved, the problem is already very serious.

It is best to return to the maintenance center every year to check for any improper use or water ingress.

Damp heat, sweat, rain and dirty air accumulate over a long period of time, causing chronic erosion of machinery, so “regular inspection” is very important; then every three years need to be thoroughly cleaned and maintained.

The internal cleaning must be handed over to the professional master, and the external cleaning work, the mechanical watch owner may wish to do it yourself; brush the strap with a soft brush dampening cleaning solution, and finally rinse with water.

Cases with a waterproof function can also be cleaned in this way; do not brush the case without water resistance. Daily cleaning of the outside work is very important, because even if it is too small to be noticed, it will actually accumulate. If it is not cleaned, the strap will rust, rot or embrittle. Therefore, it is best for the owner to clean and clean.

Pay attention to the waterproofness of the watch

  • 1. No waterproof or water-resistant function: ultra-thin watches, art watches, ladies Omega replica watches, jewelry watches are mostly of this type, it is recommended to be less close to moisture, please put them in a dry and moisture-free place when collecting.
  • 2. Water-resistant device watch 30M; ordinary waterproof, generally pressed back cover has the function of resisting water intrusion, but it is not suitable to soak water and swim, because it only has water-resistant device.
  • 3. The waterproof device has a watch of more than 100M, and the back cover is locked by the way, so it can be immersed in water but not swimming.
  • 4. Diving watch is more than 200M; you should always lock the waterproof head after diving and during normal time.